Our Story

Our Story began with Clifford, a roofer who spent his life repairing the roofs of England's majestic stately homes. Inspired by his tales, his Granddaughter set out to create a dress brand that captures the timeless elegance of Regency England while embracing the comfort and practicality modern women desire.

The Roofer's Granddaughter specializes in sustainable and elegant designs, meticulously crafted with eco-friendly materials. Each dress celebrates femininity, ensuring every woman feels confident and beautiful. Our brand's legacy inspires women to embrace their inner elegance and find comfort in their attire, creating their own enchanting stories along the way

Earth-Conscious Creation

Guided by Grandad’s advice to "always have pride in your work," we are committed to sustainability, slow fashion, and producing our dresses in England. Intertwining our products with the stories that have shaped us. 

Our dedication to environmental responsibility goes beyond eco-friendliness, embracing Earth-Conscious Creation principles for minimal planetary impact. We insist on ethical factories, sustainable sourcing meeting stringent criteria, and eco-friendly packaging. We strive for transparency, giving insight into our low-waste, low-carbon production processes.

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Life’s Enchanting Stories

At the Roofer's Granddaughter, we firmly believe in embracing your own unique story, discovering joy in even the tiniest of things, and taking each step at your own pace. Our dresses serve as a gentle reminder to cherish every beautiful moment. Just like stopping to smell the flowers, our designs inspire you to pause, be present, and revel in the journey. Every stitch and fabric choice showcases our dedication to capturing the essence of life. When you wear our dresses, remember to embrace your extraordinary story, relish each moment, and celebrate the surrounding beauty.

Embracing Empowerment

Our brand proudly represents female empowerment, embodying strength and independence. With a majority ownership and operation by women, we exemplify the power and potential within all of us. Our work celebrates women who push boundaries and dare to dream. We encourage every woman to embrace her inner strength, celebrate her unique journey, and step confidently into her power.